Use a soft stuffed dog and call the game 'perro caliente'. Create 4 teams and practice verb forms. Give the students a verb. They must conjugate it according to the standard verb chart with pronouns. (yo trabajo, tú trabajas, él trabaja, etc.) Clear the desks in the middle of the classroom. Each team faces the middle. They can toss the dog to any other team after conjugating their verb (yo trabajo). The team that receives the dog must conjugate the next correct form before tossing it to another team (tú trabajas). An incorrect response returns the dog to the team. They must give the correct response before tossing the dog (not while tossing it, or after the dog is in the air). Allow the team to help after a few seconds (but not immediately), but the student holding the dog must give the correct answer before tossing it to another team. A bad throw returns the dog to the team. Put the team members into single file. When a student correctly answers and tosses the dog, they move to the back of the team row. This should repeat with the same verb until the buzzer sounds. When the buzzer sounds, the last team to touch the dog, or have the dog returned, or give an incorrect response, loses, and the other teams each score 1 point. If you want to see the students jump, turn up the volume. The buzzer is meant to be annoying. Have fun.