Which one is missing?

This game can be played with teams and is normally a 10 minute game. 20 vocabulary items are shown on the screen. With each round the pictures are shuffled and one is hidden. The students try to figure out which one is hidden. This should be played with vocabulary the students are already familiar with.


The teacher opens the screen and touches the blue box to show all the pictures.

The teacher reviews the vocabulary with the students, pronunciating each picture and having the students repeat.

The students are told what to expect and they are given a few minutes to review / memorize the pictures.

The teacher touches any picture in columns 1,2,4,or 5 to shuffle all the pictures and hide one.

The first person to raise their hand gets to answer first but they must not hesitate to answer. If they are wrong, the next team gets a chance to answer. If this team cannot answer immediately it goes to the next team. Once all teams have had a chance to answer it goes again to the first person to raise their hand, regardless of team.

When someone answers correctly, their team gets 1 point. Keep score on a white board. Touching the blue box or any picture in the third column shows what was hidden. It is possible for the same item to be hidden again. The game ends when the teacher decides to end it.


camiseta, paraguas, vestido, traje de baño, gorra, zapatos, suéter, bufanda, calcetines, falda, impermeable, corbata, sombrero, botas, camisa, chaqueta, pantalones, cinturón, guantes, shorts


conejo, caballo, gorila, burro, serpiente, gato, perro, jirafa, pato, león, vaca, rinoceronte, oso, ganso, elefante, cebra, tigre, gallo, cerdo, cabra


queso, pizza, fresas, perrito caliente, galletas, manzana, plátano, hamburguesa, tomate, café, papas fritas, limonada, huevos, pan, tocino, leche, ensalada, naranja, cereal, jamón

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