Tingo Tango

What is Tingo Tango:

Tingo Tango is a children's game from Latin America.

What do you need to play:

Traditionally this is played with a ball. In the classroom I prefer to use a small soft pillow, but you need something students can throw to each other.

How do you play:

Students form a circle and toss an object to each other while someone says tingo, tingo, tingo, etc. When they hear Tango, the last person who touched the object has to do a penitencia. The penitencia is usually some kind of funny dare.


Make sure everyone wants to play and has the personality to participate

Make sure students understand the game should be fun and they are laughing with the person doing the penitencia. They should be warned no criticism is allowed.

Encourage students to overact. They will have more fun.

Students should toss the object to everyone.

There is an optional 10 second timer for penitencias.

What are students learning:

The penitencias use tĂș commands.

Students are reading the penitencias.

Students are building a positive attitude.

Tingo Tango - Game 1 (25 penitencias)

Tingo Tango - Game 2 (25 penitencias)