Smartboard Subjunctive Activity


   Students work against a partner and make educated guesses based on a portion of an animal they see. Sometimes the animal is obvious, sometimes it's impossible to guess. Students use the subjunctive tense to make their guess. They record their guesses and earn points based on those guesses. (The animal pictures will be loaded randomly and in different positions each time). The students don't need to know the names of all the animals because they are provided on the sheet that goes with this activity. The whole screen serves as a button. Touch the screen once and you get a portion of the animal. Touch it again and you see the whole animal. Occasionally, when a only a part of the animal is to be seen, the picture is positioned so no part of the animal can be seen. If that happens, students should still make a guess. When it opens, a portion of the first animal will be seen. It is assumed students have already started learning and have practiced the grammar involved. I didn't put a preloader on this so it may take a minute or two to load. If it looks like nothing is on the screen when you open the smartboard activity, wait a minute until it loads.


   Pronunciate the list of animals and have the students repeat after you before starting the activity. You might want to do this more than once.

   Explain carefully what they are supposed to do.

   When students see a portion of the first animal, they should quietly, without showing the person the are working with/against, write their guess on their paper in the correct box. When everyone has done this, they verbally express their choice. They should write their guess first so they don't get any clues from the other students, or copy their partners guess. The animal will be on the list on the paper. It's very important the students express their guess verbally and in Spanish. If a student fails to express their guess in Spanish to their partner, they lose 10 points. A running score can be kept in the boxes provided on the sheet...
A student gets points based on correct answers. A correct answer that used subjunctive is a safe 3 points. Each error costs 3 points. Example: No creo que sea un elefante. (This is a safe guess if the picture shows a spot of red or blue. This would be a correct response and worth 3 points. A student is more likely to be wrong if they keep guessing Creo que es ..., and more likely to lose 3 points each time.) Once students see what the animal is, they must cross it off the list of animals. That animal cannot be used in any future guesses. Not all the animals on the list will be pictured.

Download the student answer sheet by clicking here. (pdf)

Open the smartboard activity by clicking here.