Ordinal Numbers Game

This is a classroom game to practice spanish ordinal numbers.


There are 40 pictures (10 in each series) that represent 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Students call out which picture they want. For example: "la primera manzana", or "Quiero/Queremos la primera manzana".

Each picture has a random $ value behind it.

Keep track of team scores on your whiteboard.

How this works:

There are 40 pictures (pasteles, manzanas, huevos, fresas). Each picture has a random value behind it. This value is money earned for the team. The values are random in multiples of 5. The values are shuffled and will be different each time the game is opened or the screen refreshed.

When a picture is touched on the right side. the card will flip and a value will be shown. If the card is touched again on its right side, the card will flip again, showing a blank card. This is so you can hide used cards if you wish. Touching a card on its left will flip the card back to the picture. This is just in case the wrong picture is touched by accident.

The students, or the teacher, can touch the cards.

The teacher should be certain the students are using correct pronunciation. The teacher can also say the value in Spanish as each card is flipped to model Spanish numbers as well.

Ordinal Numbers Game (This file is 8m, so be patient as it downloads.)