Cut-a-part Classroom Puzzles

These are relatively short classroom activities (5-10 min depending on the age group and previous experience with the vocabulary) that help reinforce vocabulary.


Students are given a sheet of paper with boxes that are out of place.

Each side of each box has a picture or Spanish word.

Students cut apart the boxes and reassemble them so all sides match. (Picture to vocabulary item)

How this works:

The teacher opens the page. Each time the page is opened a new puzzle is created, so don't reopen the page and expect the puzzle to be the same as your previous puzzle. First, the teacher prints the answer page.

Clicking on the mix button will mix the boxes. The boxes will not only be switched with other boxes, but some boxes will also rotate. This is completely random. The teacher prints the mixed puzzle for the students. Print one copy and photocopy it.

To save teacher time, let the students cut out the squares and reassemble the puzzle.

Teachers can either let students race, or let all students finish the puzzle. If your class finishes this activity quickly, you could print more than one version in different colors and have students who finish first do another puzzle.





Numbers to 20 (This puzzle has no false clues around the outside.)

Profesiones - outer edges are false clues

Profesiones - outer edges match opposite sides

Alrededor de la casa - outer edges match opposite sides

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