A simple smartboard activity to help build sentence structure.

What's involved?

There are 5 questions.

Each question has two possible answers.

The student plays against the computer and tries to guess the answer the computer will choose. There is no right or wrong answer. The student is simply playing a guessing game against the computer.

What's the teacher's role?

The teacher's role is to say the question before a student guesses, and to be sure the student answers in a complete and correct sentence.

What's the student's role?

Students can volunteer to play. When a student guesses a wrong answer, their turn is over. If they guess correctly, they move on to the next question. If they guess all 5 questions correctly, they should get some reward as an incentive.

What's the result?

Students will be listening to the other students and the teacher. The repetition will help the students formulate good sentence structure, as well as reinforce vocabulary, and have fun.

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