The basic concept:

I use vocabulary they have practiced. I usually have two teams. Two team members stand in front wearing blindfolds (I buy blindfolds on Amazon.) I start the 60 second timer. Students on the team at their desks must use only Spanish to get the blindfolded team members to say the word on the screen. The faster they can accomplish that, the more points the team earns.

How I use this:

I tell them beforehand that they cannot use sounds or spell any words. I rotate from team to team. I like to have two students from the same team stand in front.

I listen to the students and when I hear the word on the screen I stop the timer. To make sure things stay quiet, the students describing are only allowed to speak when they are standing and only one person can stand at a time. So they stand up to speak and then sit down. That prevents 10 students from talking at once.


The other team (s) should just sit quietly and listen until their turn comes.

If a team says the word on the smart board by accident, their turn ends with no points.

I allow to them use…
Es un verbo…
Es una comida…

I do not allow them to use…
Empieza con la letra t…

Comida (20 comidas)

Profesiones (20 profesiones)

Baño (20 cosas)

Around the House (40 cosas)

Quehaceres (20 quehaceres)

Lugares (20 lugares)

Ropa (20 cosas)

Un poco de todo (80 cosas)