Blind Luck

This game can be played with teams and is normally a 10 - 15 minute game.


Decide how many teams you want (1 to 4).

Click on the team whose turn it is

A student, whose turn it is, says, "Quiero número cinco." The teacher opens the card by clicking on it, revealing a picture

The team needs to say what the picture is in Spanish. Another option would be to have the team say the word and use it in a sentence. If the word is correct and the sentence is close, give the points. You might want to practice a certain structure. (If the theme is food, you might want to practice gustar, "Me gustan las fresas.")

Under each picture there is a random point value (in 10's from 10 to 100) that will be automatically added to the chosen team's score if they answer correctly.

If a team cannot earn the points (they don't know the answer), the picture is left for the next team, which can try to answer it (steal the points) and also choose their own question. I do not recommend giving another turn immediately for a correct answer. Rotate through the teams until all the cards are used or until you decide to end the game.

If you forget to change teams and the points are scored to the wrong team, you can adjust the scores with the 'Cambia los puntos' button.

If none of the teams can describe a picture on the screen and you need to progress to the next set of cards, you can throw out the card by... 1. score the card to a team that is not used (you only have three teams). 2. Score the points to a team in play and subtract them with the 'Cambia los puntos' button. 3. Award the points by some other method (Rock, paper, scissors).

Animales - 40 animales

Comida - Set 1 from Intro 1 (20 items)

Comida - Set 2 from Intro 2 (20 items)

Comida - Set 3 from Intro 3 (20 items)

Comida - Sets 1,2 and 3 (60 items - 40 randomly chosen)

Ropa (20 items)

Lugares (20 items)

Escuela (20 items)

Bathroom (20 items)

Profesiones (40 items)

Profesiones y Alrededor de la casa (80 items - 40 randomly chosen)

Verbs - Collección 1 (20 items)

Verbs - Collección 2 (20 items)

Verbs - Collección 3 (20 items)

Verbs - Collección 1 y 2 (40 items)

Verbs - Collección 2 y 3 (40 items)

Verbs - Collecciones 1,2 and 3 (60 items - 40 randomly chosen)

Verbs - Weather(20 items)

Verbs - Quehaceres(20 items)

Verbs - Reflexives(20 items)

Verbos 1 - quehaceres - reflexivos (60 items - 40 randomly chosen)

Verbos 1 - quehaceres - reflexivos - weather (80 items - 40 randomly chosen)