Guess the word or phrase (Hang Man)


Students guess letters to solve a word or phrase.

Points are earned by the team for correct guesses. Vowels don't earn any points. Accented letters are worth 100 points. High frequency consonants are worth 30 points (l, d, n, s, r, t). Other consonants are worth 50 points.

Keep track of the score by selecting the team.

How this works:

Students are divided into teams. The turn moves from team to team. Each correct guess earns another turn. A wrong answer, and the next team takes over. Students should not be allowed to choose two vowels in a row.

The student calls out the letter in Spanish and the teacher presses the letter on the smartboard. The letters disappear as they are used. Scoring is automatic. If a team knows the answer they should call out the letters to get maximum points.

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